Meditation by the Sea

Wellness Services

Wholeness begins here

We provide wellness services that connects with the mind, body and soul. We offer fitness classes for the body, coaching for the mind, and prayer/meditation for the spirit. 

Our certified fitness experts are positive and encouraging. We continue to grow in areas of fitness. As our audience expands in diverse needs and wants, our team has adapted to it. Our Afro/Soca workout is designed with dance and cardio in mind. With upbeat tunes to dance to, it is easy to forget you are exercising. Our Yoga class implements stretching and strengthening the body. Yoga class also includes segments of self-care meditation. Geared to improve self-awareness and relaxation. 

The spiritual refresher classes are free. It is a sit down one on one with an ordained minister to host personal reflection sessions. We offer prayer, bible study, and one on one refresher sessions. We are not here to take place of your spiritual leader. We are here as guides. If you are in between church homes, or prefer not to congregate, this is a good way to stay connected with your beliefs. Our sessions are currently all virtual. 

Our Behavioral Health Specialist is a great life coach. She offers a range of coaching and counseling sessions to aid in daily living. With her expertise in trauma, she counsels in healing from addiction, sexual abuse, abandonment, and mental health. She is also certified in Mental Health first aid, in the event of a crisis. Check our booking to schedule a consultation.